Our company, Kapvuk Logistics, has a long experience in shipping, storage and distribution, including the organizing of the international transportation. We possess 1050 m2 of the warehouse space, registered as the public customs warehouse. We also have a possibility and an intention of increasing the warehouse capacity. In fact, we have already begun the process of registering the open customs warehouses for building machines and vehicles.

The company is situated 20 km from the Belgrade's city centre, at the very Dobanovachka cloverleaf, 650 m distant from the Belgrade-Zagreb motorway. Our offices are placed at various customs sections. We cooperate with a considerable number of big, successful and world-famous companies, which are in the export-import business. Our startegic partner has 24 tow trucks, 3 to 5 of which are always in Italy, while the rest of these are used according to circumstances. We also have a lot of smaller delivery vehicles, such as pick-ups, vans and lorries. These are mostly used for the distribution in Belgrade and the rest of Serbia.


Kapvuk Logistics doo Beograd

Ugrinovačka 186, Dobanovci, Beograd

phone: +381 11 314 04 38

fax: +381 11 314 04 25

mobile: +381 64 878 17 19

e-mail: info@kvlogistics.rs

web: www.kvlogistics.rs

Kapvuk Logistics doo Beograd, Ugrinovačka 186, Dobanovci, Beograd tel. +381 11 3140 438 fax. +381 11 3140 425